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Flowers That Mean Friendship

Zinnia Flower

Modern culture doesn’t celebrate friendships quite as much as people did just a few decades ago. Look at any Victorian history source to find all kinds of records showing close friends taking portraits together, sending each other gifts on a daily or weekly basis, and exchanging flowers regularly. Bring back the practice of showing your friends how much you care by putting together the perfect friendship bouquet. Before you rush out to grab the first pretty flowers you see, meditate on the meaning of different colors of blooms to make a present that means a lot more.

The Common Rose

Trying to stick with roses only? Grab a friendship rose by sticking in the orange and yellow color range, and steering clear of pink, red, and white. The cheerfulness of yellow and orange reminds the recipient of the joy you both share when spending time together.

Zinnias for Remembrance

Has your friend passed away or moved across the globe? A pot of brightly colored zinnias is the perfect way to remember them and honor their memory. These small and ruffled flowers come with a wide range of meanings due to the bloom colors, but striped and mixed zinnias are closing tied to remembrance for friends. If you pick a potted plant, you can even plant it in a flower bed to keep the gift growing.

Chrysanthemums for Support

Trying to support a friend who is struggling, or thank someone who helped you during difficult times? Stick with the classic chrysanthemum. White, purple, and blue varieties are especially useful in expressing your feelings to a friend. These flowers might be common, but the delicate petals send a clear message of caring when mixed in with other popular friendship flowers.

Iris for Dedication

Have you and your friend weathered a lot of challenges together and stuck with each other through it all? Celebrate your dedication with a single eye-catching iris. The slender stem and bold bloom also symbolizes strength and valor, making it a great gift for someone who stood up for you or fought for your rights. Consider getting a matching pair of potted irises so you can remember your bond with a glance at your beautiful indoor plant.

Chrysanthemum Flower

Ivy for Long Term Bonds

Trying to celebrate a friendship that has lasted decades? Try a few sprigs of dark green ivy in the bouquet. Ivy isn’t strictly a flower, so it is often left out of lists of gifts for friends. However, this creeping ground plant is known for pulling strongly on the supports it grows over, giving it a clear link to strong bonds between two people. Symbolize your connection that has lasted the test of time with a humble yet beautiful plant.

Blue Tulips for Loyalty

Ready to recognize a true blue friend that won’t leave your side? Celebrate lasting loyalty with blue flowers, especially the striking royal blue tulip. The cup shape and association with joy makes this flower an elegant gift for any friend. Mix in a few white tulips if the friend has always been honest, or a couple yellow sprigs for contrast and a hint of joyfulness. Blue tulips are some of the easiest friendship flowers to find in an area with limited floral resources too.

detail of purple iris flower close up

Rose Flower

Zinnia Flowers

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  1. Jason September 14, 2017 at 9:55 pm - Reply

    So glad I found this link! Very helpful in figuring out what kinds of flowers/plants to get for a dear friend of mine! Really tough given that 1200+ miles separate her and I but, she’s always close in my heart!

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