How To Say Thank You For Flowers

If you have recently received flowers for a special occasion or from that special someone in your life, you may be wondering how to say thank you for flowers. While a thank you for the flowers is always in order, how formal that thank you needs to be depends on the situation and your relationship to the sender.

Informal Thank You

A surprise bouquet from a friend or a spouse doesn’t typically require a formal thank you. Because you know them well and generally see them often, a phone call to let them know the flowers arrived and a quick show of appreciation is typically all that is needed. Following that up with a thank you note is a nice touch, but isn’t usually expected. If you and the sender are active on social media, a quick post with a picture of the flowers displayed in your home and an expression of thanks is also an option. For spouses, a special dessert or a big hug will show your appreciation.

Formal Thank You

If you receive flowers from an organization, professional associates , a business acquaintance or your boss, a formal thank you is in order. This means sending a thank you card addressed to the sender and expressing your gratitude. Don’t forget to include enough information to identify the bouquet, such as “the lovely lilies” or “the dish garden” to let the sender know the correct flowers arrived.

  • Tone: Match the tone of your thank you note to your relationship to the sender. While informal language is fine for those who you know well, don’t get overly friendly in notes to professional or business acquaintances. Your boss wants to know the flowers arrived and you appreciate them, but nix the cute story of how you cats like to nibble the greens.
  • Style: Thank you notes come in a wide variety of styles. That flashy disco card may be appropriate for your best friend, but look for something a little more sophisticated for professional associates. Simple cards with gold or silver lettering are appropriate to nearly anyone.
  • Language: While your thank you note shouldn’t read like a business letter, it should have proper grammar and spelling. If necessary, write the message on paper first and check it for errors before you fill out the thank you card. If you aren’t sure about the proper wording or are worried about errors, have a friend proofread it for you. Avoid slang or other language that may be confusing to others. This is one time when text speak should be avoided.

Thank You for Funeral Flowers

Sending out thank you cards for funeral flowers can be a taxing time. Don’t be afraid to ask family members to help you out.

  • Choose dignified thank you cards. You can often purchase thank you notes for funeral flowers from the funeral home.
  • Address the card to the sender and family (if appropriate).
  • Express your appreciation for the sender’s thoughtfulness or concern .
  • Mention the flowers or special arrangement.
  • Include the name of the deceased person in the note.
  • Sign the card from the entire family. (Unless the flowers were sent directly to you.)

Example: Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending flowers in honor of  [insert deceased’s name] . Your generosity and concern is appreciated.

Saying thank you for the flowers shows that you appreciate the thoughtfulness and efforts of others, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The key to a successful thank you is matching the formality of the thank you to your relationship to the sender.