Stock Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism

Stock Flower

The name makes it sound average and normal, but the stock flower is actually quite special. Although it is not the most well-known or popular flower at the florist’s shop just yet, it has been growing in use over the last few years because of its gently twisting spike of blooms. If you’re looking for something new to help your wedding centerpieces stand out or to make a big statement with a gift, consider what the stock flower symbolizes first.

What Does the Stock Flower Mean?

The stock flower attracts attention for both its distinctive blossoms and the delicate and wonderful scent it releases. Aside from its physical characteristics, this plant is popular as a symbol of

  • A long life full of happiness and success
  • Contentment with your life the way it is right now
  • Beauty that doesn’t fade with age or time
  • Achieving paradise on earth
  • Dedicating oneself to a life of spiritual purity
  • Connecting with the world as one.

Etymological Meaning of the Stock Flower

If you’ve never heard of a stock flower, you may know it better as a Gillyflower or a matthiola. This plants may look showy, but it’s actually part of the same mustard family that includes turnips and broccoli. While it’s also called Virginia stock because it’s found growing wild in that state, it originally grew only in the warm areas of the Mediterranean. However, the name comes from the Italian naturalist who first documented the details of the plant family.

Symbolism of the Stock Flower

The large cup shaped blooms packed onto a tall spire draw you in at first, but it’s the spicy cinnamon and clove scent that keeps you coming back for more. The outgoing stock flower means enjoying life whenever you can, even when it’s not exactly what you planned for or wanted. It’s perfect for celebrating anything that brings you happiness, from the birth of a new family member to a housewarming party. These flowers are used for weddings as well because it’s a beautiful way for a husband to tell a wife he will always consider her the most beautiful woman in the world. Pair that with an overall meaning of happiness and you can see why it has so much potential. It’s not usually considered a birth flower, but some people use it as a symbol for Taurus.

Stock Flower Color Meanings

Like all flowers, the color meaning of the stock blooms change from shade to shade. White is best matched for weddings, along with red and pink, for passion and purity at the same time. Blue and purple express more restrained joy, while the citrus colored varieties go all out with happiness.

Stock Flower

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Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Stock Flower

Stock flowers aren’t just pretty and easy to grow, but also edible. The flowers feature a spicy taste, much like a radish, and work well in salads and as garnishes. If you wait for the plant to develop seed pods, you can eat them as well before they harden and dry. Don’t eat the leaves or the roots due to the bitter flavor.

Special Occasions for the Stock Flowers

Stock is ideal for

  • First communions
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries and birthdays
  • Positive life changes like relocations and new children.

The Stock Flower’s Message Is…

Enjoy the life you have before it is gone. Love and beauty and both eternal, if you believe in them.

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