Lisianthus Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism

Lisianthus Flowers

Some of the most beautiful bouquet flowers start out from humble origins. Whether it’s a lotus rising out of the mud in a tiny pond or a lisianthus growing wild in a South American meadow, these flowers don’t look like simple weeds once they’re stocked in the floral shop. This distinctive blossom that looks similar to a rose doubles as a symbol for communicating a subtle message when you give the gift of a lisianthus.

What Does the Lisianthus Flower Mean?

Lisianthus has plenty of different meanings to explore, such as

  • Being the birth flower of the Sagittarius astrological sign
  • The joining of two people for a lifelong bond
  • Expressing gratitude for a gift or favor from a friend
  • Showing someone how much appreciate them, especially for their social skills or warm personality
  • Trying to convince someone you’re charismatic and charming
  • Traditional values and old fashioned morals.

Etymological Meaning of the Lisianthus Flower

The lisianthus plant is also known by the common name of Eustoma. This term comes from ancient Greece. The eu- prefix carries the meaning of beauty, while the -stoma part of the name refers to a mouth or a mouth-like shape. Lisianthus means something closer to a dissolving flower instead, since lysis refers to dissolution and anthos is the Greek word for flower.

Symbolism of the Lisianthus Flower

The lisianthus requires specific conditions to first germinate, but then it grows into a hardy plant that blooms profusely. This means it symbolizes rising above your surroundings and being grateful for everything in your life. It’s also a wedding flower due to its link with devotion and long-lasting bonds. Finally, you can also explain that you’re a traditionalist or show off your charisma with this colorful and fun plant.

Lisianthus Flower Color Meaning

This flower comes in practically any color, allowing you to play with color symbolism as well when giving the gift of lisianthus. Light pink makes this bloom a great present for a new mother or young girl, while the deep blue varieties evoke a sense of peace and openness. Of course, bright red ones still carry a meaning of love and passion between two people. Unlike many other flowers used for floral arranging, this plant is also available in varying shades of green. These green ruffles work well to symbolize wealth, fertility, and success at work.

Lisianthus Flowers

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Lisianthus Flower

The lisianthus grows wild throughout the southern US and South America. As a wild meadow flower, it’s a beautiful way to improve your landscape if you can get the tiny seeds to grow. This plant doesn’t offer any specific medicinal or cosmetic uses due to its toxic components, but you can definitely use it to attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

Special Occasions for the Lisianthus Flowers

Few flowers look as elegant as the lisianthus when used to make boutonnieres and corsages. Try a bouquet of the blooms for thanking a friend instead of sending the usual card, or keep a few around to raise your spirits.

The Lisianthus Flower’s Message Is…

Don’t forget to stay grateful for what you do have, and remember to express that thankfulness to those that help you. Look for beauty everywhere you go to find the best in each day.

Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus Flowers