Anthurium Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism

Anthurium Flower

Arum family of plants includes over 1000 species of plants commonly referred to as anthuriums. They range is size, shape and color, but are similar in appearance and use. The anthurium flower produces heart-shaped blooms that range in color from green or white to shades of pink and brilliant red. These flowers are really modified bracts, called spathes. The actual flower of the anthurium plant are tiny blooms that line the fleshy inner spike called a spadix.

What Does the Anthurium Flower Mean?

This tropical plant adapts to nearly any environment and produces new flowers all year, giving it a reputation as a hospitality plant. But, it has other meanings too.

  • Hospitality
  • Happiness
  • Abundance

Etymological Meaning of the Anthurium Flower

The anthurium flower derives its name from two Greek words: oura, meaning tail and anthos, meaning flower. Translated the phrase means tail flower, presumably due to the spike in the center of the plant that looks like a tail. Anthurium flowers have several common names often derived from their appearance. They are known as bull’s heads, flamingo flowers, tail flowers, painted tongue and cock’s comb.

Symbolism of the Anthurium Flower

The anthurium flower is known universally as a symbol of hospitality, as this exotic beauty thrives in nearly any location in the home or office. It requires little care other than watering and occasional fertilizing and tolerates a wide range of light conditions. As a cut flower, the blooms are long-lasting and retain their beauty and form in floral bouquets. They are often used in bridal bouquets or other wedding arrangements. As a potted plant, the anthurium plant symbolizes abundance and happiness to the home. It makes a delightful hostess or housewarming gift for this reason.

Anthurium Flower Color Meanings

Anthurium, like many flowers, takes on the color meaning of all flowers and does not have meaning specific to their color. Tailor your message following the traditional color meaning of flowers and the overall anthurium flower meaning.

  • Red: Love and Passion
  • White: Innocence and Purity
  • Pink: Compassion, Femininity, Motherly Love

Anthurium Flower

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Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Anthurium Flower

The anthurium plant has been used as a natural or herbal remedy, primarily in steam baths, to ease the discomfort of muscles aches, cramps, arthritis and rheumatism. But, caution must be exercised as these foliage and flowers of the plant contain calcium oxalate crystals  which can be irritating to the skin and mucus membranes.

Anthurium flowers are primarily ornamental. While the plants are attractive and easy-to-care for, the cut flowers have a vase life of up to 8 weeks, making them a long-lasting cut flower.

Special Occasions for the Anthurium Flowers

Anthurium flowers are appropriate for nearly an occasion and lend a tropical touch to floral displays. They can be used in wedding décor, for graduations and promotions, or for other celebrations. The flowers are suitable in mixed arrangements and floral displays or all kinds. Although they are not an official birth flower for any month, they are suitable for expressing birthday wishes.The flowers are typically used in mixed bouquets, but can be used singly.

The Anthurium Flower’s Message Is…

The anthurium flower’s message is one of hospitality and abundance making them an ideal potted plant to present at housewarmings or even at retirement celebrations.

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