10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Plumeria Flowers


The world is full of beautiful flowers, with even the humblest yellow dandelion adding a little brightness to a dreary day. However, there are some flowers that are just so beautiful that they stand out from the rest. These rare, unusual, or simply stunning blooms are ideal for adding an exotic touch to a wedding or other gathering. They also make great gifts when you want to show a loved one how special they are to you. Check out these 10 amazing flowers that are arguably the top 10 most beautiful in the world.


It’s not a particularly rare flower, but the pink and orange petals of the Hawaiian plumeria are exceedingly beautiful nonetheless. It’s also highly valued for its strong sweet scent, which is widely used in women’s perfumes.

Jade Vine

The blossoms of the jade vine resemble a parrot’s beak or a cat’s claw, but it’s their color is so rare in nature. A stunning turquoise blue stands out from the rest of the foliage, and dozens of these blue curling flowers bloom in a showy cascade of beauty.

Middlemist Red

Some people consider the Middlemist Red the best rare flower in the world because only a few specimens exist in England hothouses. This camellia-like saucer flower is overflowing with curving and layered petals, but the wild plants that naturalists took cuttings from are all extinct now.

Chocolate Cosmo

Another extinct yet stunning flower is the dark Chocolate Cosmo. Originally a native wildflower of Mexico, these velvety burgundy flowers are still grown in small amounts by collectors who diligently keep the eye-catching variety alive.

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Looking for a flower that looks more like a painting? Try the treasure flower, or Gazania, of South Africa. Big daisy-like petals show off bold stripes of red, pink, white, and many other colors mixed together in a single bloom. They’re also treasured for remaining in bloom through the entire summer, no matter how hot and dry the conditions.


Giant red blossoms used to dot the islands of Hawaii on Koki’o trees, but now there are only a few branches grafted onto other trees remaining of this delicate species. While the big folded petals are beautiful enough, many people are also drawn to the way that the bright red stamen extends upward above the flower to add even more detail.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

All of the former flowers developed in the wild, but the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid was made both rare and beautiful on purpose by a team of plant breeders. The flower itself is multilayered and usually features upwards of five different colors. It’s also almost impossible to purchase due to the limited number of plants.

Lisianthus Flowers

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Sea Poison Tree

Despite its scary name, this tree produces striking flowers made up of tightly packed strands. The flower resembles a gently waving sea anemone or other underwater creature.

Night-Blooming Cereus

For years the cereus sits in the desert as a withered and dry looking bush, waiting for the right amount of moisture to bloom. When a rainstorm finally passes, the brilliant white blossom only opens after the sun has gone down. It’s hard to catch a night-blooming cereus in full bloom, but it’s well worth the effort to see its beauty.


Finally, don’t forget about the showy and attractive blossoms of the common lisianthus. You don’t need to travel around the world to find a flower worth admiring because lisianthus is easy to grow in almost any home garden. The cup-shaped bloom is layered with gently bending petals to create a flower that is half tulip, half rose, and all beauty.

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