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Ranunculus Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism

Ranunculus Flower

The mention of the ranunculus flower typically conjures images of showy flowers with ruffles of paper thin petals in bold colors that range from white and pastel pink to fiery reds and sunny yellows and golds. These impressive flowers are the Tecolote ranunculus, also called Persian ranunculus. They are the most common species of the genus ranunculus which contains over 600 hundred species of flowers.  Common wild buttercups, with their bright yellow petals are also ranunculus. In some areas, flowers sold at florists as ranunculus also go by the common name buttercup.

What Does the Ranunculus Flower Mean?

While many flowers have multiple meanings, the ranunculus flower does not. It means:

  • Radiant Charm
  • You Are Charming
  • You are Attractive

Etymological Meaning of the Ranunculus Flower

The name ranunculus is a combination of two Latin words, rana meaning frog and unculus meaning little. It is assumed that ranunculus flowers earned this name because they grew along streams and were as plentiful as little frogs in the spring.

  • Native American Legend: The ranunculus flower is also known by the name Coyote Eyes. According to Native American Legend, it earned this name when Coyote was throwing his eyes into the air and catching them again to entertain himself. It seems that Eagle suddenly swooped down and snatched Coyote’s eyes from mid air. Unable to see without his eyes, Coyote plucked two buttercups from the field and fashioned them as new eyes.
  • Persian Legend: According to Persian legend, a young Persian Prince who always wore green and gold, became enamored with one of the beautiful nymphs and sang to her night and day. According to one version, the nymphs became so tired of listening to the young Prince sing that they turned him into a ranunculus flower. Another version declares the young prince died of heartbreak when his love was not returned and up sprang a giant ranunculus flower in his place.

Symbolism of the Ranunculus Flower

The ranunculus flower appears to symbolize charm and attractiveness across cultures and generations. In the Victorian language of flowers, the ranunculus flower tells the lady your think she is charming and attractive.

The Ranunculus Flower Facts

The Persian ranunculus is native to the Middle East while the common wild buttercup grows wild along roadsides and in meadows across much of the United States. These perennial flowers grow from bulbs and can be planted in the home garden and can be grown in pots or in containers.

Ranunculus Flower

The Ranunculus Flower Color Meaning

The ranunculus flower is a symbol of charm and attractiveness regardless of its color. It is not a birth flower for any specific month making it suitable at any time of the year.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Ranunculus Flower

The ranunculus flower has gained popularity in bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. Historically, Native Americans used the dried plants in poultices to treat sore joints and muscle pain and to remove warts.

The Ranunculus Flower’s Message Is

The ranunculus flower’s message is uplifting and expresses that your find the recipient both charming and attractive. It is appropriate for special occasions, such as achievements and promotions, and can be used in either formal or informal settings as it symbolizes both charm and attractiveness.

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